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Poem in L.A.
translated in
    Foreign Dust Familiar Rain, 
    New and Collected Poems
     Seretta Martin, Author and Illustrator 
    2002 (Blue Vortex Publishers) 

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"Let early morning rain clatter up flights of stairs," Seretta Martin writes.  Her poetry breaks open doors, finds shadows in corners, uncovers family secrets, throws back the sheets so lovers can lie uncovered.  It is a poetry of the stories we tried to forget, the stories that form us.  "Is there a soul?" she writes "who doesn't dream of home?"
                                                                           - Kate Gale, Founding Editor
                                                                            Red Hen Press
“Seretta’s poems range from the humorous to the sensual, from more traditional free verse (such as Thunder at Coffee Break) to experimental “nonce” forms, including odd and provocative pseudo-Haikus.”                                                                                                    
                                                                        - Jack Webb, Founding Director,
                                                                          Border Voices Poetry Project
                                                                          The San Diego Union Tribune